Unabridged Marriage Certificate – Comprehensive Guide

As we know, marriage is an important milestone in a person’s life. In South Africa, it is legally recognized with a marriage certificate. This certificate is an official record of marriage.There are two types of marriage certificates: abridged and unabridged. All couples must know the difference between the two as this will help in many purposes of daily life. In this guide, we’ll cover the unabridged marriage certificate in detail. Buckle up and get ready to learn about the unabridged certificate.

Let’s start with the difference between the abridged and unabridged marriage certificates

Abridged Marriage Certificate

An abridged marriage certificate is a shorter version of an unabridged one. The abridged certificate contains basic personal details about the couple like names, dates of the wedding, and witness (eligible spectators) names.

In South Africa, you will get this handwritten marriage certificate instantly after the marriage. This certificate suffices for routine purposes such as opening a joint bank account and passport.

Unabridged Marriage Certificate

An unabridged marriage certificate is a comprehensive version of an abridged marriage certificate. It contains detailed information about the couple that has entered into a marriage covenant. It includes information such as the couple’s full names, ID numbers, citizenship, dates of birth, date of marriage, place of marriage and witnesses to the marriage.

This document is a formal document issues by the Department of Home Affairs and it is crucial when you plan on emigrating, applying for visas or foreign passports, changing your name, and applying for financing etc. Furthermore, this certificate is required to register the marriage in the country of origin if one or both parties of the couple are not South African citizens.

Key Takeaways: We will dive deep into the purpose of an unabridged marriage certificate, the information it contains, and the process of obtaining one in South Africa.

Why Do You Need an Unabridged Marriage Certificate?

Unabridged Marriage Certificate – Comprehensive Guide
Unabridged Marriage Certificate – Comprehensive Guide

It’s important for a variety of purposes:

  1. Travel Purposes:

In South Africa, unabridged certificates are required for spouse visa applications. Are you planning to travel extensively with your spouse to certain countries? It is essential to have this document to avoid any issues.

  1. Legal Matters:

It is crucial in legal proceedings such as divorce or inheritance cases. It serves as proof of the validity of the marriage. You can use it as evidence in court when required.

  1. Immigration Purposes:

Are you or your spouse applying for citizenship in a foreign country? An unabridged certificate is required in the application process.

  1. Estate Planning:

It is a vital document in estate planning. You can use it to prove the validity of the marriage such as in inheritance and probate cases.

Important: It may take approximately six to ten weeks to obtain an unabridged marriage certificate after applying for one and it costs more than the abridged version.

Unabridged Marriage Certificate Form

To get unabridged marriage certificates in South Africa you must fill out a detailed form at the Department of Home Affairs office. The application form contains a range of information about the couple and marriage. The key pieces of information are:

  • The full names of both partners.
  • Date of birth of both partners.
  • The place of birth of both partners.
  • Date of the marriage ceremony.
  • The place where they arranged the marriage ceremony including city, state, and country.
  • Signature by the officiant and by witnesses who were present.
  • Official seal or stamp to confirm legality.

Steps to Get an Unabridged Marriage Certificate

The Department of Home Affairs issues unabridged marriage certificates. The marriage register must be filed in archives to get an unabridged certificate and below are the steps that must be followed to obtain an unabridged marriage certificate:

  1. Check Eligibility:

To get this Certificate, you must be a South African citizen or a foreign national with a valid South African ID number.

  1. Gather the Required Documents:

When applying for an Unabridged Marriage Certificate you will need to provide the following documents:

  • A certified copy of your marriage certificate
  • Copies of the identity documents of both partners
  • A completed form of Unabridged Marriage Certificate application, filled with black ink.
  1. Visit a Home Affairs Office:

You can either visit a Home Affairs office in person or apply online. If you visit the office, you must provide the required documents and pay the application fee. If you apply online, you must upload the required documents and pay using a credit or debit card.

  1. Wait for Processing:

Once your application has been received, then it will process. The processing time can vary but takes around eight weeks.

  1. Collect Your Certificate:

You can collect it from the Home Affairs office or deliver it to your specified address.

How We Can Help You!

The unabridged marriage certificate process is complex, time-consuming, and at times unclear. We will take away the administration and stress of completing the process to obtain the certificate for you.

Just provide us with all the necessary documents required for the application and our team will manage all the application for you. We guarantee a convenient and hassle-free service.

Note: We can expedite this process if you provide signed dha30 or bi30 marriage register.

Ending Remarks

The unabridged marriage certificate is vital for many purposes including visas, name changes, and enrolling children in school.

The Department of Home Affairs is responsible for issuing the certificate. You can obtain it by following the above process. Contact us now to get your unabridged marriage certificate.

FAQs Related to Unabridged Marriage Certificate

  1. What Does an Unabridged Marriage Certificate Look Like?

An unabridged marriage certificate is a multi-page document. It has all the important details of the couple’s marriage. It is printed on high-quality paper and has a unique seal or stamp.

  1. How Long Does an Unabridged Marriage Certificate Take?

The processing time for this certificate is around six to ten weeks.

  1. What is your expedited timeline?

Our expedited service will take approximately a week to two.

  1. How much does the Unabridged Marriage Certificate Cost?

The cost of an unabridged marriage certificate is around ZAR70.

  1. What is the cost for your expedited service?

If you are looking to get your marriage certificate expedited within a week or two with no hassle, you can trust us to help you with the process. Contact our team of professionals by filling out our quote form or booking an appointment with us to discuss your needs.

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