ESL Teachers

What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Also known as Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ( TESOL), English Language Teaching (ELT), and teaching ESL (English as a Second Language).
Doing a World Teachers TEFL course will be a gateway to a career as an English teacher to other language students.

Why do I need a TEFL certificate?

TEFL Certification is typically required by schools and language institutes to instruct the young and old alike in countries around the world in English. With doing a online World Teachers TEFL courses is as convenient and the most effective & flexible way to earn a TEFL certification

Why is this a requirement?

With a World Teachers TEFL certificate in your hands and part of your profile it will open doors for you. Doing a World Teachers TEFL course will help you develop skills for working and living in a foreign country. When you first travel abroad to teach, you will be in for new mind-blowing experience and maybe in for a bit of a culture shock – whether you expect in your field or not.
Having a TEFL isn't required to teach anywhere abroad, but if you want to start teaching in a country where TEFL certification is required then yes, you do need a TEFL certificate to teach abroad in that country.
Remember teaching is performance art, therefore, having an outgoing personality is an advantage. You will need to have excellent communication and listening skills. Aswell as having a passion for teaching.

Importance of TEFL

The minimum requirements to teach abroad are a Bachelor’s degree in any area and a TEFL certification

Qualify for teaching jobs

The minimum requirements to teach abroad are a Bachelor’s degree in any area and a TEFL certification

Standout in job applications

Even in situations where the hiring school has not explicitly listed a TEFL certification as a requirement, it is always considered a strong asset and could help set you apart from candidates who are not TEFL certified.

Gain teaching skills to teach abroad

A TEFL certification prepares you to teach English language skills, plan lessons for foreign language learners, refresh your understanding of English

Earn higher salary with reputed institutes

Teachers with a TEFL certificate qualify for teaching positions with more reputable schools, which means better benefits and higher salaries.

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