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Will this be your first
time going abroad?

Let me tell you what you will need to be a successful candidate:

1: Valid Degree (Any BA/ Honours or Master’s degree)

2: Valid Passport must be valid for more than 6 months

3: TEFL/TESOL certificate 120 Hours 4: Updated CV

5: 30/40 seconds long introduction video of you telling them in short about your educational background and why would you want to come to China/ Korea/ Vietnam/ Dubai/

Documents should be ready
before you sign a contract

1: Degree & Transcripts will need to be authenticated & legalized.

2: TEFL, will need to be authenticated & legalized

3: Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) and authenticated

4: SAQA verification form for your

Prepare yourself for your

Then comes the interview that will change your life….

1: Prepare for a interview with the school.

Find out how they would like to do the interview and on what platform: Skype/ Zoom/ WeChat

2: Make sure your platform of use is fully working and audio/sound is perfect

3: Be ready before time. Look neat and presentable. Be friend and smile.

4: When talking to the school make sure you do not speak to fast and speak up (do not shout)

Listen to each and every question and answer them. (prepare yourself with question that you think they would ask. For example: How would you teach the ABC or colours to a child? Have some flash cards with you and show them. Pronounce your words slowly but correctly. How would you treat a child that does not listen? Simple: “I would make him or her the class captain for the day and he or she will have to make sure the other children listen”

5: Have questions already prepared that you want them to answer for your own mind ease.

6: When the interview is over “Smile and thank them for their time and you wish them a great day and hope to hear from them soon.

We will be there for you every step of the way.

We will assist you with getting the best offer and contract, with all that was spoken about in your interview

After your successful

1: The school/institute, will send you a contract to read over and sign. If you are happy with all that is written in your contract. You will return it via scanned copies to the institute.

2: The schools/institute, will load all your information and the scanned document that you have authenticated and legalized on to their system.

3: The school will send you an invitation letter with a red seal on it “It has to be in English as well in their language.”

4: You will then take this to the required Embassy of choice, to the country you signed with, along with your documents and ID photo.

5: It will take less than a week to get your ZVisa back. You can start booking your flight to your new destination.

6: Please provide the school/ institute with your flight details. They will arrange to collect you on your arrival.

Already in China and looking for a new opportunity

1: Copies of your documents, Degree, TEFL, PCC, Passport & CV

2: Copy of your ZVisa/ Work permit

3: A introduction video and if you have 1 / 2 video’s of you teaching that would be great for the school or institute to see you in action.

4: Make sure you will be able to get a release letter & ref letter from the current institute.

5: In the interview please inform the school when you will be able to start at the new school.

6: Please provide all information on what you are looking for to your agent for the new institute.

7: Enjoy a successful interview with the new school/institute.

8: Double check your contract to ensure you are happy. The sign and send it back to the new school.

9: Keep them informed with all they need to know until you are at your new school.



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