SAQA Verification Process – How To Go About It.

Step 1

Complete the CONSENT form. The form link is below. Please note that the University of South Africa SAQA form is different from other Universities’ SAQA forms.

SAQA Email Address (

Download UNISA SAQA Verification Form







Download Other Universities Verification SAQA form










Step 2

Attach a copy of all the qualifications you would like verified with the above-mentioned signed CONSENT form
(the copies must be scanned into their present size and quality, as they will be printed and attached to your verification letter).

SAQA Email Address (








Step 3

Send a copy of your South African National identification document or a valid passport if you are not a South African citizen but studied in South Africa. In the body of the email, kindly include the following information:
Name: Gracious Marry Masondo
D.O.B: 1981-11-7
ID number: 1234 5678 90000***

SAQA Email Address (








Step 4

Do not send your request to individual staff members as it will only slow down your application. Do not cc any other email as it will only lead to duplication and the delay of your application.

SAQA Email Address (

Step 5

You will receive a quotation. Pay the fee to the bank account provided in the email. Use the reference number provided on the invoice as your reference number.

SAQA Email Address (










Step 6

The Minimum fee is ZAR610.00, but the final amount will depend on the quantity and the source of the verification.
Send the proof of payment directly from your bank to 









Step 7

You will get a response from SAQA indicating the way forward and when you can expect the signed and stamped verification letter.

SAQA Email Address (

Step 8

Kindly notify us when you receive your verification letter approval from SAQA. SAQA does not allow walk-in for pick up at the moment due to the ongoing pandemic. However, it will be sent to PostNet at Brooklyn Mall Pretoria. We will pick it up on your behalf and proceed to the next necessary steps.

SAQA Email Address (

Step 9-Documents Authentication & Apostille process


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