No Impediment Certificate Process & Price

What is a No Impediment Certificate?

A certificate of no impediment is required by foreign authorities when South African nationals would like to get married in their country to one of their nationals.
The certificate of no impediment is issued by the Department of Home Affairs and confirms the marital status of an individual. It is valid for 6 months.


How do I get a certificate of no impediment in South Africa if I wish to do it myself?

You can apply DIRECTLY at the department of home affairs website. You will need to complete the required form and pay the required fee through the following link. It can take up 6 months for you to receive your certificate of no impediment. DHA website link

Let Us Help You To Expedite The Process (EXPRESS SERVICE 2-3WEEKS)


Download the power of Attorney form DOWNLOAD HERE


Send scanned copies of your signed power of Attorney form with a certified copy of your ID or passport copy to
You can certify at any nearest police station of your resident.


STEP3 (Final Step)

Process & Price













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