The issuing of all categories of Chinese visas was reopened on March 15 2023.

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The issuing of all categories of Chinese visas was reopened on March 15 2023.


On March 15, 2020, the Chinese government will once again begin processing applications for all visa categories. The Chinese government has stated that all visa applications, including those for work, school, and travel, are once again being accepted, after being put on hold for almost 3 years due to the COVID-19 virus. Many people will breathe a sigh of relief , since they have been unable to see loved ones in China for years. This is your opportunity to finally visit China.

Things to Know Before Visiting China

Considering a trip to China? The next step is to research what sort of visa you’ll need to enter their country. Please review this information carefully before submitting your application.

In general, there are three different types of visas that can be used to enter China: a L visa (for tourists), a F visa (for business or study), and a Z visa (for special circumstances) (for workers). You’ll need to submit an application for the one that’s most relevant to your intended use.

To apply for a visa, you will need to gather a variety of documents, some of which will be specific to the visa category you’ve selected. Depending on the type of visa, this could include evidence of financial support, a passport, an address, and contact information.

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, applications usually take between 5 and 14 days to process.   But it could change based on how crowded the data center is. Moreover, different Chinese embassies may have different application processes, so it’s smart to call around and find out what each one requires before completing your application.

What You Need to Know About Obtaining a Chinese Visa

You should know a few things before applying for a Chinese visa. Have a look here for the information you’ll require:

The time it takes to get a visa depends on a number of factors, including the nation and the processing center you choose to apply at. Applications are typically processed within 5-14 business days, though this time frame might vary depending on the current volume at the processing center.

Obtaining a multiple entry visa can save you time and money if you plan on making many journeys to China in a short period of time (e.g., less than 6 months).

Standard visas are valid for three months from the date of approval; if your intended stay is less than this, you do not need to reapply for a visa. Get the Specifics on How to Get a Chinese Visa, Including the Necessary Picture Dimensions and Prerequisites

Do you need to know the specifications for the images you submit with your application for a Chinese visa?

Have no fear, here is all the information you need to know about the proper photo size and other conditions for applying for a Chinese visa:

Color photos with a white background and professional photo paper are required.

It’s important that 70–80 percent of the photo is dedicated to your face.

Photos should be 52 mm in height and 51 mm in breadth for the best quality printing.

Digital photographs must be stored at 300 ppi and a minimum of 668 pixels wide.

It’s best to use photos that are no more than six months old.

If you follow these instructions, your visa application images will be in compliance with all regulations.

Passport Photographs: Requesting a Digital File from Your Photographer


Do you need a high-resolution scan of the passport photo the photographer took of you? You can obtain it by following these steps:

The photographer may be able to provide you a digital copy of your passport photo if you ask.

Make sure you find out if getting the digital copy would cost you anything more if you need it.

If you’re applying for a Chinese visa, your photo must adhere to specific guidelines; specifically, it must be taken against a white background, feature 70–80% of your face, and be stored at 300 pixels per inch resolution with a minimum width of 668 pixels.

Make sure the picture isn’t older than six months.

If you take your passport photo in this way, the photographer is more likely to give you a high-quality digital copy that will be accepted by immigration authorities.

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